Access denied: a reply to Rickabaugh and McAllister

  • Christopher M. P. Tomaszewski
  • John W. Rosenbaum


In their recent paper, Brandon Rickabaugh and Derek McAllister object to Paul Moser’s rejection of natural theology on the grounds that Moser is committed to a principle, Seek, which commits Moser to another principle, Access. Access in turn can be rationally motivated for at least some nonbelievers only by the arguments of natural theology. So Moser is in fact committed to the epistemic usefulness of natural theology. In this paper, we show that Seek by itself does not commit one to Access, and that even if Moser is committed to Access, he is not thereby committed to the epistemic usefulness of natural theology for all nonbelievers. While we find this argument offered by Rickabaugh and McAllister lacking, we do not deny their conclusion that natural theology is epistemically useful to all nonbelievers.


Natural theology Divine hiddenness Revelation Filial knowledge Moser 


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  • Christopher M. P. Tomaszewski
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  • John W. Rosenbaum
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