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Book Review

Jacob Taubes, Occidental Eschatology. Translated with a Preface by David Ratmoko; Stanford University Press, Stanford, 2009, xxiii + 215 pp., $60.00 (cloth), $21.95 (paper)

Jacob Taubes, To Carl Schmitt: Letters and Reflections. Translated by Keith Tribe with an introduction by Mike Grimshaw; Columbia University Press, New York, 2013, $18.50 (cloth)

Since 2004, there has been a minor publishing explosion of works by Jacob Taubes translated into English. Taubes did not leave a large body of work. The only work he published in his lifetime was Occidental Eschatology, his dissertation, published in 1947 and translated into English in 2009. Since 1987 with the publication of a small collection on Carl Schmitt (translated into English in 2013), several of Taubes’ works have appeared in German and then received an English translation. In 1993, his seminar on the political theology of St. Paul was published and then translated in 2003. Finally in 1996, a collection of essays appeared under...

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