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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission at 100: A Symposium on FTC Economics

  • Joseph FarrellEmail author

It is a pleasure to introduce this mini-symposium on FTC economics as part of the FTC’s centenary. While I was Director of the Bureau of Economics (BE), in 2009–2012, internal discussions of the centenary were already under way, and one enthusiastic attorney emailed a wide internal distribution list remarking on that and some other U.S. public policy events of 1914, remarking “What a great year!” The many millions of victims of World War I would be less enthusiastic, but we commemorate the founding of one of the key consumer protection and competition institutions of the United States.

Our symposium has three articles: by F. M. Scherer, by Michael Salinger and Robert Levinson, and by Paul Pautler. Scherer and Salinger were among my distinguished predecessors as BE Director; Levinson was an economist in BE; and Pautler was among the most senior career BE economists, now recently retired from serving as Deputy Director for consumer protection.

Scherer’s article describes two FTC cases...


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