Effect of Firing Regime on the Structure and Properties of Highly Porous Ceramic Materials Based on Alumina-Magnesia Spinel

  • N. V. BuchilinEmail author
  • G. Yu. Lyulyukina
  • N. M. Varrik

Results are provided for a study of sintering spinel porous ceramics using aluminum and magnesium oxides as starting components without sintering additives. It is shown that the optimum firing temperature range in order to prepare materials with an open-cellular porous structure is 1700 – 1730°C. It is established that preliminary heat treatment of oxides significantly affects material mechanical characteristics of. Materials are obtained with an interconnected porosity of up to 85% and compressive strength of up to 10 MPa.


alumina-magnesia spinel ceramic filters ceramic foam materials highly porous cellular materials 


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  • N. V. Buchilin
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    Email author
  • G. Yu. Lyulyukina
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  • N. M. Varrik
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