Refractories and Industrial Ceramics

, Volume 51, Issue 3, pp 137–141 | Cite as

Use of the technology of ceramoconcrete in the manufacture of runner clay, masonry mortar, protective coatings, and repair compounds

  • S. M. Mal’tsev

It is shown that the use of inexpensive, domestically produced refractory materials that have been produced according to the technology of refractories has shown promise for the manufacture of dry mixtures, runner clay and repair compounds, masonry mortar, and protective coatings. The dry mixtures are intended for the production of cast-in-place linings and large-block shaped articles with uniform structure that are resistant to corrosive media and exhibit high thermal stability. In terms of chemical composition, masonry mortar and protective coatings conform to the operating conditions. Following deposition on a working surface, the compounds used for hot repair experience a sharp rise in temperature.


ceramoconcrete dry refractory mixtures melts masonry mortar repair compounds protective coating 


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