Bijections between bar-core and self-conjugate core partitions

  • Jane Y. X. YangEmail author


In the recent decades, core partitions and bar core partitions have attracted much attention from combinatorial researchers. In this paper, we build a bijection between \(\bar{t}\)-cores and self-conjugate t-cores for odd integers \(t\ge 3\). To this end, we first establish a bijection between \(\bar{t}\)-cores and self-conjugate \((t-1)\)-cores for odd integers \(t\ge 3\), then we prove that this bijection can be extended to a bijection between self-conjugate \((t-1)\)-cores and self-conjugate t-cores for odd integers \(t\ge 3\).


Bijection Core partition Bar partition Self-conjugate partition Young diagram 

Mathematics Subject Classification

05A17 05A19 



The author appreciates the anonymous referee for his/her helpful comments and language editing which have greatly improved the quality of this manuscript.


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