The Ramanujan Journal

, Volume 13, Issue 1–3, pp 63–101 | Cite as

On the dynamics of certain recurrence relations

  • D. BorweinEmail author
  • J. Borwein
  • R. Crandall
  • R. Mayer


In recent analyses [3, 4] the remarkable AGM continued fraction of Ramanujan—denoted \({\cal R}_1\) (a, b)—was proven to converge for almost all complex parameter pairs (a, b). It was conjectured that \({\cal R}_1\) diverges if and only if (0≠ a = be i φ with cos 2φ ≠ 1) or (a 2 = b 2∊ (−∞, 0)). In the present treatment we resolve this conjecture to the positive, thus establishing the precise convergence domain for \({\cal R}_1\). This is accomplished by analyzing, using various special functions, the dynamics of sequences such as (t n ) satisfying a recurrence

$$ t_n = (t_{n-1} + (n-1) \kappa_{n-1}t_{n-2})/n, $$

where κ n a 2, b 2 as n be even, odd respectively.

As a byproduct, we are able to give, in some cases, exact expressions for the n-th convergent to the fraction \({\cal R}_1\), thus establishing some precise convergence rates. It is of interest that this final resolution of convergence depends on rather intricate theorems for complex-matrix products, which theorems evidently being extensible to more general continued fractions.


Complex continued fractions Dynamical systems Arithmetic-geometric mean Matrix analysis Stability theory 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of Western OntarioLondon OntarioCanada
  2. 2.Faculty of Computer Science Dalhousie UniversityHalifaxCanada
  3. 3.Center for Advanced ComputationReed CollegePortland
  4. 4.Department of MathematicsReed CollegePortland

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