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Assessment of quality of life among HIV-infected persons in Pune, India

  • Rewa M. Kohli
  • Suvarna Sane
  • Kishore Kumar
  • Ramesh S. Paranjape
  • Sanjay M. Mehendale


Objective: To study dimensions of Quality of Life (QOL) amongst HIV infected persons, their relationship with socio-demographic characteristics and disease progression.

Design: Cross-sectional study with one time assessment of QOL.

Methods: Modified Medical Outcome Study (MOS) core instrument [The Medical Outcome Study 116 core set of Measures of functioning and well being, Appendix A, core survey instrument (internet)] was interview -administered to 100 HIV infected individuals.

Results: The instrument showed significant positive inter-domain correlations and desired linear association between QOL scores and the CD4 counts. The scale had a Cronbach α value of 0.75. QOL was markedly affected in the domains of physical health, work and earnings, routine activities and appetite and food intake. Women had significantly lower QOL scores than men despite having less advanced disease. The QOL scores were significantly lower among persons with lower CD4 counts mainly in different domains of physical health.

Conclusions: The modified MOS scale had the desired reliability and validity for evaluation of QOL in the HIV-infected persons in India. Low scores in the domains of physical health compared to other domains suggest a strategy to focus on medical intervention. A need for psychosocial intervention for women was perceived. Longitudinal studies must be done to assess the impact of anti-retroviral therapy being rolled out through the national programme on QOL.


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  • Rewa M. Kohli
    • 1
  • Suvarna Sane
    • 1
  • Kishore Kumar
    • 1
  • Ramesh S. Paranjape
    • 1
  • Sanjay M. Mehendale
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  1. 1.National AIDS Research InstituteIndian Council of Medical ResearchPuneIndia

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