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, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp 1397–1415

Exploring persuasive message strategy for international aid campaigns: potential donors’ inter-attitudinal structure using Galileo model



This study explored a persuasive message strategy for aid promotion by considering the structure of donors’ attitudes toward international aid. Traditional studies on aid campaigns have usually overlooked the dynamics of inter-attitudinal structure and have focused on message framings rather than quality message. The Galileo spatial-linkage model represents the attitudinal structure within a spatial coordinate system. A public opinion survey with 218 college students was conducted. The results indicated that potential donors are unconcerned about international aid; however, the attitude can be changed into a well-disposed attitude. In this study, a persuasive message strategy was suggested. A compound message focusing on relatively close issues to donors would facilitate positive attitude change to participate in international aid projects.


International aid Campaign Galileo model Inter-attitude Message Donor 

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  1. 1.School of Advertising & Public RelationsHongik UniversitySejongSouth Korea

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