Quantum speed limit time for correlated quantum channel

  • N. Awasthi
  • S. HaseliEmail author
  • U. C. Johri
  • S. Salimi
  • H. Dolatkhah
  • A. S. Khorashad


Memory effects play a fundamental role in the dynamics of open quantum systems. There exist two different views on memory for quantum noises. In the first view, the quantum channel has memory when there exist correlations between successive uses of the channels on a sequence of quantum systems. These types of channels are also known as correlated quantum channels. In the second view, memory effects result from correlations which are created during the quantum evolution. In this work, we will consider the first view and study the quantum speed limit time for a correlated quantum channel. Quantum speed limit time is the bound on the minimal time which is needed for a quantum system to evolve from an initial state to desired states. The quantum evolution is fast if the quantum speed limit time is short. In this work, we will study the quantum speed limit time for some correlated unital and correlated non-unital channels. As an example for unital channels, we choose correlated dephasing colored noise. We also consider the correlated amplitude damping and correlated squeezed generalized amplitude damping channels as the examples for non-unital channels. It will be shown that the quantum speed limit time for correlated pure dephasing colored noise is increased by increasing correlation strength, while for correlated amplitude damping and correlated squeezed generalized amplitude damping channels quantum speed limit time is decreased by increasing correlation strength.


Open quantum systems Quantum speed limit time Correlated quantum channel 



The authors would like to thank Prof. Masashi Ban for his valuable comments.


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  2. 2.Faculty of PhysicsUrmia University of TechnologyUrmiaIran
  3. 3.College of Basic Sciences and HumanitiesG.B. Pant University Of Agriculture and TechnologyPantnagarIndia
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