Multi-image encryption scheme based on quantum 3D Arnold transform and scaled Zhongtang chaotic system

  • Nanrun ZhouEmail author
  • Xingyu Yan
  • Haoran LiangEmail author
  • Xiangyang Tao
  • Guangyong LiEmail author


A quantum representation model for multiple images is firstly proposed, which could save more storage space than the existing quantum image representation models and allow quantum hardware to encrypt an arbitrary number of images simultaneously. Moreover, the definition and the quantum circuit of quantum 3D Arnold transform are given based on the proposed quantum representation model for multiple images. Furthermore, a novel quantum multi-image encryption scheme is devised by combining quantum 3D Arnold transform and quantum XOR operations with scaled Zhongtang chaotic system. Theoretically, the proposed quantum image encryption scheme could encrypt many images simultaneously. Numerical simulations and theoretical analyses demonstrate that the proposed quantum multi-image encryption scheme outperforms both its classical counterparts and the existing typical quantum image encryption algorithms in terms of security, robustness, encryption capacity and computational complexity.


Quantum representation model for multiple images Quantum multi-image encryption scheme Quantum 3D Arnold transform Scaled Zhongtang chaotic system Quantum XOR operation 



This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 61462061 and 61262084), the China Scholarship Council (Grant No. 201606825042), the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jiangxi Province, the Major Academic Discipline and Technical Leader of Jiangxi Province (Grant No. 20162BCB22011) and the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangxi Province, China (Grant No. 20171BAB202002).


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  3. 3.Key Laboratory of Photoelectronics and Telecommunication of Jiangxi ProvinceJiangxi Normal UniversityNanchangChina
  4. 4.Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of PittsburghPittsburghUSA

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