Quantum Information Processing

, Volume 14, Issue 9, pp 3193–3210 | Cite as

Entanglement dynamics of two-particle quantum walks

  • G. R. Carson
  • T. Loke
  • J. B. Wang


This paper explores the entanglement dynamics generated by interacting two-particle quantum walks on degree-regular and degree-irregular graphs. We performed spectral analysis of the time-evolution of both the particle probability distribution and the entanglement between the two particles for various interaction strength. While the particle probability distributions are stable and not sensitive to perturbations in the interaction strength, the entanglement dynamics are found to be much more sensitive to system variations. This property may be utilised to probe small differences in the system parameters.


Quantum walk Entanglement dynamics Two-particle interaction Spectral analysis 



The authors would like to thank Lock Yue Chew and Michael Small for several valuable discussions on the characterisation of nonlinear dynamics.


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  1. 1.School of PhysicsThe University of Western AustraliaCrawleyAustralia

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