Quantum Information Processing

, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp 443–454 | Cite as

Decoherence and entanglement degradation of a qubit-qutrit system in non-inertial frames

  • M. Ramzan
  • M. K. Khan


We study the effect of decoherence on a qubit-qutrit system under the influence of global, local and multilocal decoherence in non-inertial frames. We show that the entanglement sudden death can be avoided in non-inertial frames in the presence of amplitude damping, depolarizing and phase damping channels at lower level of decoherence. However, degradation of entanglement is seen due to Unruh effect. It is seen that for lower values of decoherence, the depolarizing channel heavily degrades the entanglement as compared to the amplitude damping and phase damping channels. Entanglement sudden birth is also seen in case of depolarizing channel. However, for higher values of decoherence parameters, amplitude damping channel dominantly degrades the entanglement of the hybrid system. Entanglement sudden death is not seen for any value of acceleration of the accelerated observer “Rob” in case of phase damping channel. Further more, a symmetrical behaviour of negativity is seen for depolarizing channel.


Quantum decoherence Entanglement Non-inertial frames 


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsQuaid-i-Azam UniversityIslamabadPakistan

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