Quantum Information Processing

, Volume 8, Issue 2–3, pp 261–281 | Cite as

Large-amplitude driving of a superconducting artificial atom

Interferometry, cooling, and amplitude spectroscopy
  • William D. Oliver
  • Sergio O. Valenzuela


Superconducting persistent-current qubits are quantum-coherent artificial atoms with multiple, tunable energy levels. In the presence of large-amplitude harmonic excitation, the qubit state can be driven through one or more of the constituent energy-level avoided crossings. The resulting Landau–Zener–Stückelberg (LZS) transitions mediate a rich array of quantum-coherent phenomena. We review here three experimental works based on LZS transitions: Mach–Zehnder-type interferometry between repeated LZS transitions, microwave-induced cooling, and amplitude spectroscopy. These experiments exhibit a remarkable agreement with theory, and are extensible to other solid-state and atomic qubit modalities. We anticipate they will find application to qubit state-preparation and control methods for quantum information science and technology.


Landau–Zener Stückelberg Artificial atom Interferometry Cooling Amplitude spectroscopy 


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