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Michael Reksulak, Laura Razzolini and William F. Shughart II (eds.), The Elgar companion to public choice, second edition

Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc., Northampton, MA, 2013, xviii + 597 pp. USD 280.00 (cloth)
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Co-Editors Michael Reksulak, Laura Razzolini, and William Shughart have assembled a fine extension of the first Elgar Companion to Public Choice that was published in 2003 (Shughart and Razzolini 2003). Designed to be “a valuable resource for scholars, but also one to be evaluated critically as new developments in how societies are structured materialize,” (p. 11), the new volume is conscious of public choice evolving as a research program and as a set of tools for analyzing human events as they occur.

The year 2003 was significant in both regards. It marked the 40th anniversary of the inaugural conference, organized by James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock in Charlottesville in April 1963, which would spawn the Public Choice Society, the journal Public Choice, and the public choice research program in general. The year 2003 was also noteworthy in the policy arena. The U. S. federal government’s brief flirtation with budget surplus had come to an abrupt end. The United States Supreme...


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