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Celebrating Andrew Alm Benson’s 93rd birthday

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Guest Editorial


We celebrate Andy Benson’s 93rd birthday on September 24, 2010 through this Editorial. This short account about Andy Benson should serve as a prelude to the short article that Andy has written for the entire photosynthesis community, which gives a glimpse of why he left the field of the “path of carbon in photosynthesis,” when he had already discovered, together with Melvin Calvin, James Alan Bassham, and others, most of the major steps in what we now call the Calvin–Benson cycle.


James A. Bassham Carl B. Benson Emma C. Alm Benson Dee Benson Calvin-Benson cycle Melvin Calvin Martin Kamen Lifetime Achievement Award of the Rebeiz Foundation Robert A. Millikan Samuel Ruben University of California at Berkeley University of California, San Diego 



I thank many who helped lead me to the completion of this manuscript. The list is long, but it includes: Andy Benson, Dee Benson, Bob Buchanan, Howard Gest, Rajni Govindjee, Carole Mayo, and Tino Rebeiz. I also remain grateful to a 2001 National Science Foundation Grant (SES 00-92507), given to Govindjee and Howard Gest that made our trip to San Diego possible. The writing of this article was made possible because of the ever-present support of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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