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Zippora Gromet-Elhanan (1931–2007), a passionate and a fiercely dedicated scientist

  • Richard E. McCarty
Zippora Gromet-Elhanan died December 2, 2007, 5 days after a heart attack, while attending a scientific conference in Israel. According to her husband Shmuel Elhanan, Zippy, as she is known by her colleagues, was happy because she had seen so many of her friends at the conference. She was to chair a session of the conference and left the lunch table to prepare her opening remarks. Shortly thereafter, she apparently had an unspecified heart failure and lapsed into a coma. Zippy never regained consciousness. Zippy loved science and it is fitting that she was an active participant to the very end of her productive life

Zippora Gromet-Elhanan (1931–2007)

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This obituary was invited and edited by Govindjee.


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