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Celebrating 20 years of historical papers in Photosynthesis Research

Historical corner

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This Editorial has four goals: (1) to inform the readers of ‘Photosynthesis Research‘ about the past of the ‘Historical corner’; which began 20 years ago; (2) to encourage photosynthesis researchers and historians of science to contact me for publishing papers of historical interest; these include: (a) Obituaries and Tributes; (b) historical papers on current and past discoveries and controversies; (c) history of research in specific laboratories, or in specific countries, or at specific conferences; (d) Personal perspectives (not discussed any further); (3) to encourage researchers not to discard, but to save correspondence and data of their discoveries for the future historians by donating them to their Archives, when appropriate (not discussed any further); and (4) to reinforce to the readers that the concept of two-light reaction and two-pigment system was already there in 1959. I mention here three key papers presented at the IXth International Botanical Congress, held at Montreal Canada (in August, 1959) prior to the famous April 9, 1960 paper by Robert Hill and Fay Bendall on the ‘Z-scheme’ of photosynthesis, that was based on thermodynamic and energetic considerations.


(Blinks) chromatic transients L.N.M. Duysens (Emerson) enhancement effect Bessel Kok discoveries in photosynthesis Eugene Rabinowitch historical papers IXth (1959) International Botanical Congress Jack Myers Lawrence Blinks obituaries personal perspectives Robert Emerson Robin Hill and Fay Bendell C. Stacy French tributes two-light reaction two-pigment system concept ‘Z’-scheme 

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