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, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp 160–177 | Cite as

Fruit detection in natural environment using partial shape matching and probabilistic Hough transform

  • Guichao Lin
  • Yunchao TangEmail author
  • Xiangjun ZouEmail author
  • Jiabing Cheng
  • Juntao Xiong


This paper proposes a novel technique for fruit detection in natural environments which is applicable in automatic harvesting robots, yield estimation systems and quality monitoring systems. As most color-based techniques are highly sensitive to illumination changes and low contrasts between fruits and leaves, the proposed technique, conversely, is based on contour information. Firstly, a discriminative shape descriptor is derived to represent geometrical properties of arbitrary fragment, and applied to a bidirectional partial shape matching to detect sub-fragments of interest that match parts of a reference contour. Then, a novel probabilistic Hough transform is developed to aggregate these sub-fragments for obtaining fruit candidates. Finally, all fruit candidates are verified by a support vector machine classifier trained on color and texture features. Citrus, tomato, pumpkin, bitter gourd, towel gourd and mango datasets were provided. Experiments on these datasets demonstrated that the proposed approach was competitive for detecting most type of fruits, such as green, orange, circular and non-circular, in natural environments.


Fruit detection Shape descriptor Partial shape matching Probabilistic Hough transform Support vector machine 



This work was funded by a grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 31571568), and the Project of Province Science and Technology of Guangdong (No. 2017A030222005).


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  1. 1.Key Laboratory of Key Technology on Agricultural Machine and Equipment, Ministry of EducationSouth China Agricultural UniversityGuangzhouChina
  2. 2.College of Mechanical and Electrical EngineeringChuzhou UniversityChuzhouChina
  3. 3.College of Urban and Rural ConstructionZhongkai University of Agriculture and EngineeringGuangzhouChina

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