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Generalized norm preserving maps between subsets of continuous functions

  • Bagher Jafarzadeh
  • Fereshteh SadyEmail author


Let X and Y be locally compact Hausdorff spaces. In this paper we study surjections \(T: A \longrightarrow B\) between certain subsets A and B of \(C_0(X)\) and \(C_0(Y)\), respectively, satisfying the norm condition \(\Vert \varphi (Tf, Tg)\Vert _Y=\Vert \varphi (f,g)\Vert _X\), \(f,g \in A\), for some continuous function \(\varphi : {\mathbb {C}}\times {\mathbb {C}}\longrightarrow {\mathbb {R}}^+\). Here \(\Vert \cdot \Vert _X\) and \(\Vert \cdot \Vert _Y\) denote the supremum norms on \(C_0(X)\) and \(C_0(Y)\), respectively. We show that if A and B are (positive parts of) subspaces or multiplicative subsets, then T is a composition operator (in modulus) inducing a homeomorphism between strong boundary points of A and B. Our results generalize the recent results concerning multiplicatively norm preserving maps, as well as, norm additive in modulus maps between function algebras to more general cases.


Function algebras positive cone Choquet boundaries Weighted composition operators Norm preserving 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 47B38 46J10 Secondary 47B33 



The authors would like to thank the referee for his/her helpful comments.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Pure Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematical SciencesTarbiat Modares UniversityTehranIran

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