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c0-Singular and 1-singular operators between vector-valued Banach lattices



Given an operator T : XY between Banach spaces, and a Banach lattice E consisting of measurable functions, we consider the point-wise extension of the operator to the vector-valued Banach lattices T E : E(X) → E(Y) given by T E (f)(ω) = T(f(ω)). It is proved that for any Banach lattice E which does not contain c 0, the operator T is an isomorphism on a subspace isomorphic to c 0 if and only if so is T E . An analogous result for invertible operators on subspaces isomorphic to 1 is also given.


Vector-valued Banach lattice c0-Singular operator 1-Singular operator 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

47A05 46B42 


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