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Low loss and low dispersion hybrid core photonic crystal fiber for terahertz propagation

  • Md. Saiful IslamEmail author
  • Jakeya Sultana
  • Mohsen Dorraki
  • Javid Atai
  • Mohammad Rakibul Islam
  • Alex Dinovitser
  • Brian Wai-Him Ng
  • Derek Abbott
Original Paper


In this paper, a hybrid-core circular cladded photonic crystal fiber is designed and analyzed for application in the terahertz frequency range. We introduce a rectangular structure in addition to a conventional hexagonal structure in the core to reduce the material absorption loss. The modal characteristics of the fiber have been investigated using full vector finite element method. Simulated results exhibit an ultra-low effective material loss of 0.035 cm\(^{-1}\) and ultra-flattened dispersion of 0.07 ps/THz/cm. Some other important fiber characteristics suitable for terahertz signal transmission including confinement loss, core power fraction, effective area and single-mode conditions of the fiber have also been investigated. In order to simplify design and facilitate fabrication, only circular shaped air holes have been employed. Due to its promising characteristics, the proposed waveguide may provide efficient transmission of broadband terahertz signals.


Optics Photonic crystal fiber Effective material loss Terahertz Dispersion 


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  1. 1.The University of AdelaideSchool of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringAdelaideAustralia
  2. 2.Islamic University of TechnologyElectrical and Electronic EngineeringGazipurBangladesh
  3. 3.The University of SydneySchool of Electrical and Information EngineeringSydneyAustralia

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