Plant Molecular Biology

, Volume 73, Issue 4–5, pp 449–465

Genome-wide analysis of helicase gene family from rice and Arabidopsis: a comparison with yeast and human



Helicases are motor proteins which can catalyze the unwinding of stable RNA or DNA duplex utilizing mainly ATP as source of energy. In this study we have identified complete sets of helicases from rice and Arabidopsis. The helicase gene family in rice and Arabidopsis contains 115 and 113 genes respectively. These helicases were validated based on their annotations and supported with organization of conserved helicase signature motifs. We have also identified homologs of 64 rice RNA and DNA helicases in Arabidopsis, yeast and human. We explored Arabidopsis oligonucleotide array data to gain functional insights into the transcriptome of helicase family members under ten different stress conditions. Our results revealed that expression of helicase genes is profoundly regulated under various stress conditions. The helicases identified in this study lay a foundation for the in depth characterization of each helicase type.


Abiotic stress DEAD-box proteins Helicase motifs Protein alignment Sequence LOGO Transcriptomics 

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