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Generation and Analysis of Soybean Plastid Transformants Expressing Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ab Protoxin

  • N. Dufourmantel
  • G. Tissot
  • F. Goutorbe
  • F. Garçon
  • C. Muhr
  • S. Jansens
  • B. Pelissier
  • G. Peltier
  • M. DubaldEmail author


We describe the generation of fertile and homoplasmic soybean plastid transformants, expressing the Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal protoxin Cry1Ab. Transgenes were targeted in the intergenic region of Glycine max plastome, between the rps12/7 and trnV genes and selection was carried out using the aadA gene encoding spectinomycin resistance. Molecular analysis confirmed the integration of the cry1Ab and aadA expression cassettes at the expected location in the soybean plastome, and the transmission of the transgenes to the next generation. Western blot analyses showed that the Cry1Ab protoxin is highly expressed in leaves, stems and seeds, but not in roots. Its expression confers strong insecticidal activity to the generated transgenic soybean, as exemplified with velvetbean caterpillar (Anticarsia  gemmatalis)


Anticarsia  gemmatalis Bacillus thuringiensis chloroplast Cry1Ab soybean transgenic 


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  • G. Tissot
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  • F. Goutorbe
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  • F. Garçon
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  • C. Muhr
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  • S. Jansens
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  • B. Pelissier
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  • G. Peltier
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  3. 3.CEACadarache, DSV, DEVM, Laboratoire d’Ecophysiologie de la Photosynthèse, UMR 6191 CNRS-CEA, Université de la MéditerranéeSaint-Paul-lez-DuranceFrance

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