Plant Molecular Biology

, Volume 55, Issue 4, pp 541–552

OsCDPK13, a calcium-dependent protein kinase gene from rice, is induced by cold and gibberellin in rice leaf sheath

  • Fida Abbasi
  • Haruko Onodera
  • Seiichi Toki
  • Hiroshi Tanaka
  • Setsuko Komatsu


Calcium-dependent protein kinases (CDPKs) play an important role in rice signal transduction, but the precise role of each individual CDPK is still largely unknown. Recently, a full-length cDNA encoding OsCDPK13 from rice seedling was isolated. To characterize the function of OsCDPK13, its responses to various stresses and hormones were analyzed in this study. OsCDPK13 accumulated in 2-week-old leaf sheath and callus, and became phosphorylated in response to cold and gibberellin (GA). OsCDPK13 gene expression and protein accumulation were up-regulated in response to GA3 treatment, but suppressed in response to abscisic acid and brassinolide. Antisense OsCDPK13 transgenic rice lines were shorter than the vector control lines, and the expression of OsCDPK13 was lower in dwarf mutants of rice than in wild type. Furthermore, OsCDPK13 gene expression and protein accumulation were enhanced in response to cold, but suppressed under salt and drought stresses. Sense OsCDPK13 transgenic rice lines had higher recovery rates after cold stress than vector control rice. The expression of OsCDPK13 was stronger in cold-tolerant rice varieties than in cold-sensitive ones. The results suggest that OsCDPK13 might be an important signaling component in the response of rice to GA and cold stress.

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  • Fida Abbasi
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  • Haruko Onodera
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  • Seiichi Toki
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  • Hiroshi Tanaka
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  • Setsuko Komatsu
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  1. 1.National Institute of Agrobiological SciencesJapan

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