, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 131–137

Symptomatic Rathke's Cleft Cysts: A Radiological, Surgical and Pathological Review

  • Domenico Billeci
  • Elisabetta Marton
  • Massimo Tripodi
  • Enrico Orvieto
  • Pierluigi Longatti


Rathke's cleft cyst is a non neoplastic lesion remnant of the Rathke's poutch. Symptomatic cysts must be surgically treated. There are no specific neuroradiological features for this lesion. We present a series of 14 symptomatic Rathke's cleft cysts treated with transphenoidal endoscopic technique, and we correlate the MRI intensity images with the intraoperative findings, the pathological analysis, the growth pattern and the recurrence tendency, to understand wether there is a better way to recognize these lesions, especially the asyntomatic ones, that, despite other neoplastic cysts, colud only be observed with a MRI follow up.


Rathke cleft cyst pituitary cysts pituitary tumors 


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  • Elisabetta Marton
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  • Massimo Tripodi
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  • Enrico Orvieto
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  • Pierluigi Longatti
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