Phytochemistry Reviews

, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 55–95 | Cite as

Dereplication strategies in natural product research: How many tools and methodologies behind the same concept?

  • Jane HubertEmail author
  • Jean-Marc Nuzillard
  • Jean-Hugues Renault


The development of new drugs will certainly benefit from an ever improving knowledge of the living beings chemistry. However, identification of drugable molecules within the immense biodiversity of forests, soils or oceans still requires considerable investments in technical equipments, time and human resources. An important part of this process is the quick identification of known substances in order to concentrate the efforts on the discovery of new ones. A range of “dereplication” procedures are currently emerging to meet this challenge as key strategies to improve the performance of natural product screening programs. Initially defined in 1990 as “a process of quickly identifying known chemotypes”, dereplication is today a not so univocal concept and has evolved over the last years in different ways. The present review covers all dereplication-related sudies in natural product research from 1990 to 2014. Its writing brought to light five distinct dereplication workflows that can be characterized by the nature of starting materials, by the selected analytical technique, and above all by the final objective. Dereplication can be used as an untargeted workflow for the rapid identification of the major compounds whatever their chemical class in a single sample or for the acceleration of bioactivity-guided fractionation procedures. In other cases dereplication is fully integrated in metabolomic studies for the untargeted chemical profiling of natural extract collections or for the targeted identification of a predetermined class of metabolites. Finally a quite distinct dereplication approach mainly based on gene-sequence analyses is frequently used for the taxonomic identification of microbial strains.


Dereplication Natural products Metabolomics Drug discovery Taxonomic classification 


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