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PsbO, PsbP, and PsbQ of photosystem II are encoded by gene families in Nicotiana benthamiana. Structure and functionality of their isoforms

  • M. L. Pérez-BuenoEmail author
  • M. Barón
  • I. García-Luque
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The extrinsic proteins of photosystem II in plants (PsbO, PsbP and PsbQ) are known to be targets of stress. In previous work, differential regulation of hypothetical isoforms of these proteins was observed in Nicotiana benthamiana upon viral infection. Each of these proteins is encoded by a multigene family in this species: there are at least four genes encoding PsbO and PsbP and two encoding PsbQ. The results of structural and functional analyses suggest that PsbO and PsbP isoforms could show differences in activity, based on significant substitutions in their primary structure. Two psbQ sequences were isolated which encode identical mature proteins.

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The authors thank Dr. Maite Serra and Mario García for critical reading of the manuscript. MPB was recipient of a JAE-Doc contract funded by CSIC. This work was supported by grants BIO2004-04968-C02-02, and MCINN-FEDER/AGL2008-00450 to IGL and BIO2004-04968-C02-02, MEC-FEDER/BIO2007-67874-C02-02, MCINN-FEDER/AGL2008-00214 and CVI 03475 (Junta de Andalucía) to MBA.


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