Correction to: The varieties of impartiality, or, would an egalitarian endorse the veil?

  • Justin P. Bruner
  • Matthew LindauerEmail author

1 Correction to: Philos Stud

The citations of Figs. 1, 2, 3 and 4 were placed after the figures in the original publication of the article. However, they should be placed prior the placement of figures.

The correct citations with the figures are given in this correction.

The original article was corrected.

Figure 1 displays histograms for the three impartiality frames (Thick, Spectator and Thin):
Fig. 1

Histograms for the three impartiality frames

Figure 2 shows the mean ratings that participants gave to each impartiality frame:
Fig. 2

Mean ratings for each impartiality frame

Figure 3 displays histograms for three impartiality frames, first-personal (Thick, Spectator and Thin):
Fig. 3

Histograms for the three first-personal impartiality frames

Figure 4 shows the mean ratings given to each first-personal impartiality frame:
Fig. 4

Mean ratings for each first-personal impartiality frame

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