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Erratum to: Parthood and naturalness

  • M. EddonEmail author

1 Erratum to: Philos Stud DOI 10.1007/s11098-016-0852-7

In the original publication of the article in the section, “Perfect naturalness and supervenience,” the third paragraph that reads as: “Let Open image in new window ϕ be a set…supervenience:” should read as: “Let ϕ be a set of properties and relations. Let a ϕ-preserving isomorphism be a bijective function f from the domain of w 1 to the domain of w 2 such that for any \(\left\langle {x_{1} , \ldots ,x_{n} } \right\rangle\) in w 1 and any n-place property or relation R in ϕ, \(\left\langle {x_{1} , \ldots ,x_{n} } \right\rangle\) instantiate R iff \(\left\langle {f\left( {{\text{x}}_{1} } \right), \ldots ,f\left( {x_{n} } \right)} \right\rangle\) in w 2 instantiate R. Now consider the following three notions of global supervenience.”

The sentence in the last paragraph under the section “Background” that reads as: “I do not…harmless.” should read as: “I do not assume that for any region R that is a sub-region of R′, R is a part of R′, though that assumption is harmless.”

The following reference was missed out in the original publication.


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