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Abstracts 6th working symposium of the Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE), 2–3 February 2018, Fuengirola

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Pilot study of the first 6 months of distance e-learning platform on pharmaceutical care for continuous professional development of pharmacists in Bulgaria

Stefan Balkanski1, Ivan Gitev1, Ilko Getov1

1Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, Sofia, Bulgaria (

BackgroundThe pharmacists with a master degree in Bulgaria should constantly update their professional knowledge and skills, to provide competent advice and consultations to patients and medicines information to other healthcare professionals. The permanent implementation of innovations and technologies in the field of pharmacy require pharmacists to keep their knowledge up-to-date, throughout their professional career. This is regulated by professional legislation and internal acts. Thus, they will meet the growing expectations of the society. An e-learning platform has been created for distance learning. Currently the platform has two active modules which are focused on...

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