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Community pharmacist perceptions of delivering post-hospital discharge Medicines Use Reviews for elderly patients

  • Paul Rutter
  • Helen RamsbottomEmail author
  • Ray Fitzpatrick
Short Research Report


Background The UK’s Department of Health has recommended that formal communication channels between hospital and community pharmacy should be established so that post discharge Medicines Use Reviews (dMUR) become an integral part of the medicines pathway. Objective To investigate the perspective of community pharmacists on the usefulness of dMUR referrals from hospital, the suitability of patients referred and overall views on the service. Method Self-completed survey distributed to 21 community pharmacists who had received referrals from the hospital during a 9-month randomized controlled feasibility study. Results Nineteen pharmacists (90.4%) returned the survey. Seven (36.8%) felt that it was hard to engage patients with dMURs. Failure or inability of patients to attend the pharmacy were the most common barriers. Reasons for medication changes (n = 5) and indications for new medicines (n = 4) were the most common examples of extra information that would be useful on referral. Community pharmacists held positive opinions on the dMUR service and could see the benefit to patients. Pharmacists wanted more referrals but reported performing few dMURs outside this study. Conclusion This study highlights the need to improve communication between hospital and community pharmacies and to overcome barriers to performing dMURs outside the pharmacy premises in this patient group.


Community pharmacy Elderly Medicines Use Reviews Post-discharge Transitional care United Kingdom 




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  • Helen Ramsbottom
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