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ESCP–SFPC international workshop acquisition of pharmaceutical skills: simulation, serious games, innovative approaches 22–23 June 2015, Nice, France

Conference commentary


Proposal for a training program to help pharmacy residents to dispense investigational drugs: the ACDC program (acquisitions of competencies for drug dispensing in clinical trials)

A. Ade1,*, F. Cayre1, C. Mayala Kanda1, A. Daguenel Nguyen1

1Pharmacy, Saint Antoine Hospital, Paris, France

Background and objective: Good clinical practices (ICH-GCP 4.6) recommend that pharmacist” should ensure that the investigational product(s) are used only in accordance with the approved protocol”. However, there are no recommendations about how the pharmacist is supposed to do it. Dispensing investigational drugs is more complex than dispensing regular drugs. It requires a special training. The primary aim of the ACDC program is to ensure that pharmacy residents have obtained the designated training and competencies appropriate for dispensing and explaining the correct use investigational drugs to patients.

Programme description: Proposal of a comprehensive training program for pharmacy...


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