International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy

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Acknowledgement of external reviewers


A scientific, biomedical journal like International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy cannot exist without the help of a regular group of reviewers, especially when the number of submissions is increasing. During the year 2012, the following reviewers helped the editorial board maintain the scientific standards of the journal and suggested improvements in general. During the annual meeting numerous useful comments were also made. I would like to thank them, and in particular the members of the advisory board, sincerely for their contributions.

Foppe van Mil


List of reviewers 2012

Dr. L. Aagaard Thomsen, Denmark

Dr. D. Abdel-Qader, Jordan

Dr. S. AbuRuz, Jordan

Ms. Z.M.I. Ahmed, United Kingdom

Dr. G. Akram, United Kingdom

Ms. M. Al Sukhni, Canada

Dr. C. Alderman, Australia

Dr. A.M. Alexander, United Kingdom

Dr. A.B. Almarsdóttir, Iceland

Mr. H. Al-Sallami, New Zealand

Dr. A.S. Amer Nordin, Malaysia

Prof. C.W. Anderson, United Kingdom

Dr. L. Anderson, United States

Dr. M.T....

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