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4th Joint GHP/UKCPA National Conference

Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwickshire, UK 9–11 May 2008; Poster Presentations
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P1. The cosmetic acceptability of commonly prescribed emollients

R. Sarkar, G. Ghai, C. Cairns

School of Pharmacy and Chemistry, Kingston University, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2EE


Emollients are commonly prescribed for the management of a number of common skin diseases. There are a considerable number available in the UK. All of them are effective and relatively safe. However, there is considerable variation in the cost of different emollients. Although not the most expensive medicines used they still represent a significant cost to the NHS. In 2001 it was estimated the cost of emollients for the management of atopic eczema for preschool children was at least £15 million [1]. There is no comparative research to provide evidence that any product is superior clinically to any other. All have been licensed as effective so cost will be a factor in selection of an appropriate product. Patient acceptability is another important factor and therefore the cosmetic...

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