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UKCPA conference Birmingham UK Spring 2004


Wyeth laboratories education & training award 2004

“Why Make Trouble?” An analysis of critical incidents in the first practice year of hospital pharmacists

Ann-Veronica Page BSc (Hons), MRPharmS, PgDipClin, MEd

Course Director: MSc Clinical Pharmacy (Hospital) Bradford School of Pharmacy, University of Bradford

Background and aims

This work explored events during the first year of practice of a group of newly qualified pharmacists working in a large NHS Teaching Hospital. Two things were of interest: the changes which initiate hospital pharmacists into and help them adapt to their new role (part of the process referred to as “occupational socialization” (Melia, 1987)) and the way in which newly qualified pharmacists learn. It was hypothesised that the former would impact upon on the latter.

While the socialization of doctors and nurses has been extensively reported (Becker et al., 1961, Merton et al., 1957, Benner, 1984, Melia, 1987), the occupational socialization of pharmacists has...

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