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UKCPA Progress in Practice Symposium

Blackpool November 2004

Merck Pharmaceuticals Medicines Management Award 2004

Medicines management redesign

Alexa Wall MRPharmS, MSc1, Lynn Fyfe2, Sandra Crawford3

1Principal Pharmacist, Lanarkshire Acute Operating Division, Wishaw General Hospital; 2Chief Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Department, Wishaw General Hospital; 3Drug Administration Coordinator, Lanarkshire Acute Operating Division, Hairmyres Hospital


Medicines brought into hospital were returned home with relatives, stored in the ward or destroyed. The ward non-stock drugs supplied from the dispensaries for inpatient use were also destroyed or pharmacy staff time was spent assessing them for return to dispensary stock. This destruction resulted in significant wastage and duplication of workload in both primary and secondary care. Provision of discharge medication was in accordance with NHS Circular GEN (1992) 11 which no longer served the best interests of the patient, caused confusion after discharge and didn’t meet the requirements of...

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