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Pharmaceutical care, European developments in concepts, implementation, teaching, and research: a review

  • J. W. Foppe van MilEmail author
  • Martin Schulz
  • Th. F. J. Dick Tromp


This article discusses the concept of pharmaceutical care especially from the European perspective. It tries to clarify the current status of pharmaceutical care research and implementation, and if and how it can be part of the practice of pharmacy. Pharmaceutical care basically means improving the medication use process in order to improve outcomes, including the patients’ quality of life, and that involves a focus change for pharmacy from product to patient. This change in focus also implies that the pharmacy curriculum should be adapted, in order for the pharmacist to be able to acquire new knowledge and skills. In most countries this change currently is taking place but not in very deliberate or structured manner. Some basic decisions have to be made, in order to guarantee that every patient receives pharmaceutical care when needed.


Europe Implementation Pharmaceutical care Pharmaceutical care research Pharmacy education Pharmacy practice Pharmacy services 


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    Email author
  • Martin Schulz
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  • Th. F. J. Dick Tromp
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  1. 1.J.W. Foppe van MilZuidlarenThe Netherlands
  2. 2.Centre for Drug Information and Pharmacy Practice (ZAPP)ABDA--Federal Union of German Associations of PharmacistsBerlinGermany
  3. 3.Quality Institute for Pharmaceutical CareKampenThe Netherlands

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