Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing

, Volume 27, Issue 1, pp 13–22

Novel Catalytic Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor for Gas-Phase Abatement of Isopropanol

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Catalytic gas-phase abatement of air containing 250 ppm of isopropanol (IPA) was carried out with a novel dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) reactor with the inner catalytic electrode made of sintered metal fibers (SMF). The optimization of the reactor performance was carried out by varying the voltage from 12.5 to 22.5 kV and the frequency in the range 200–275 Hz. The performance was significantly improved by modifying SMF with Mn and Co oxide. Under the experimental conditions used, the MnOx/SMF showed a higher activity towards total oxidation of IPA as compared to CoOx/SMF and SMF electrodes. The complete destruction of 250 ppm of IPA was attained with a specific input energy of ∼235 J/L using the MnOx/SMF catalytic electrode, whereas, the total oxidation was achieved at 760 J/L. The better performance of the MnOx/SMF compared to other catalytic electrodes suggests the formation of short-lived active species on its surface by the in-situ decomposition of ozone.


Volatile organic compound abatement Non-thermal plasma Dielectric barrier discharge Plasma-assisted catalysis Sintered metal fibers 


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