Review of Robert Dykstra’s Finding Ourselves Lost: Ministry in the Age of Overwhelm

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The primary audience for this monograph is theological students, educators, and ministers. But anyone who reads this remarkable book will find themselves laughing, crying, reflecting, and feeling less lonely—as well as more at home in the world—for Dykstra (2018) offers a personal, intimate, Jesus-centered, honest, and kind vision of and for pastoral theology that all readers will find intriguing. Dykstra is never boring. And Finding Ourselves Lost really is a page turner. It will surprise you with a naked Mister Rogers (as well as a naked Christ!), fundamentalist zombies, confessions from Bruce Springsteen, and more. Dykstra is a curator of curious things.

At its core, this book makes a passionate case for the need for contemporary pastoral theology. In making this case, Dykstra notes the puzzling tradition of religious studies scholars who have an axe to grind with psychology, such as Robert Bellah (see Bellah et al. 1985). He points out that this anti-psychological tradition...



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