Oxidation of 60Si2MnA Steel in Atmospheres Containing Different Levels of Oxygen, Water Vapour and Carbon Dioxide at 700–1000 °C

  • Yisheng R. ChenEmail author
  • Yu Liu
  • Xuanxuan Xu
Original Paper


The oxidation behaviour of the spring steel 60Si2MnA in atmospheres containing 0–21% (volume per cent) O2, < 20 ppm (part per million) to 17%H2O, with some containing 8%CO2, at 700–1000 °C was investigated. The oxide scale thicknesses formed in both 17%H2O–N2 and dry O2-containing atmospheres were less than 6 μm after 20 min of oxidation, significantly smaller than those formed in atmospheres containing both oxygen and water vapour, and the scale structures developed in the three different scenarios were also very different. The scale formed in 17%H2O–N2 contained wustite only, the scale formed in dry O2-containing atmospheres comprised primarily hematite and some magnetite, and that in O2–H2O mixtures developed a multi-layered structure, generally with an innermost Fe2SiO4 + FeO layer, followed by FeO/Fe3O4/Fe2O3 layers towards the scale surface. A preformed oxide scale and the presence of 8%CO2 in the atmosphere had little effects on further steel oxidation. The mechanisms of forming different scale structures are discussed.


60Si2MnA Oxidation Si in steel O2 Water vapour 



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  2. 2.Zenith Steel Group Co., LimitedChangzhouChina

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