Oxidation Behavior of Oxide Dispersion-Strengthened W–Ni Alloys

  • V. R. Talekar
  • A. PatraEmail author
  • S. K. Sahoo
Brief Communication


Oxidation behavior (at 1000 °C for 10 h) of 1.0 wt% oxide dispersion-strengthened (nano-Y2O3, Al2O3, La2O3 dispersed) mechanically alloyed (10 h) and sintered (1400 °C, 1500 °C, 2 h) W–Ni alloys has been investigated. Oxidation significantly constrains the application window of W and therefore needs to be counteracted by suitable alloying and dispersion. W–Ni–Y2O3 alloy possesses excellent oxidation resistance at the high sintering temperatures. Moreover, W–Ni–Al2O3 sintered at 1400 °C exhibited no spallation or blistering after 10 h of oxidation. The enhanced oxidation resistance of W–Ni–Y2O3 alloy is attributed to superior densification, oxide-scale adhesion with the matrix phase, reduced volatilization of WO3 owing to NiWO4 and enhanced concentration of Y ions enriched with oxide. The investigation will provide a strategy to fabricate oxidation-resistant alloys by oxide dispersion for high-temperature applications.

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ODS W alloy Free energy Oxidation Residual stress 



Financial assistance from TEQIP II NIT Rourkela for the project work is acknowledged. The support of FIST-DST for XRD, residual stress study is also acknowledged.


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  1. 1.Metallurgical and Materials Engineering DepartmentNational Institute of Technology RourkelaRourkelaIndia

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