Oxidation of Metals

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Beneficial Effect of Pt and of Pre-Oxidation on the Oxidation Behaviour of an NiCoCrAlYTa Bond-Coating for Thermal Barrier Coating Systems

  • Aurélie Vande PutEmail author
  • Djar Oquab
  • Eve Péré
  • Aymeric Raffaitin
  • Daniel Monceau
Original Paper


The oxidation behaviour of a thermal barrier coating (TBC) system is a major concern as the growth of the thermally grown oxide (TGO) layer on the bond-coating creates stresses that greatly favour the thermal barrier spallation. To delay the loss of the thermal protection provided, research has focused on the bond-coating composition and microstructure as well as on the parameters required for a suitable pre-oxidation treatment before the deposition of the ceramic top coat. Platinum is known to enhance the oxidation/corrosion resistance of MCrAlY coatings. The effect of Pt on the oxidation behaviour of a NiCoCrAlYTa coating was assessed in this study. In addition, pre-oxidation treatments were conducted to determine if the oxidation behaviour of the modified NiCoCrAlYTa coating could be further improved.


TBC system Pt MCrAlY Oxidation Pre-oxidation Bond-coatings 



Turbomeca (Safran Group) are gratefully acknowledged for providing the samples and for the financial support of this study. Authors express their thanks to Praxair ST which manufactured the bond-coatings, to Snecma for grit blasting the TBC systems and to C.C.C which made EB-PVD thermal barrier coatings. J.P. Grenet from IPREM (Pau, France) is gratefully acknowledged for Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy analyses, Turboméca and CNRS for the doctoral grant of A. Vande Put.


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  • Aurélie Vande Put
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    Email author
  • Djar Oquab
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  • Eve Péré
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  • Aymeric Raffaitin
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  • Daniel Monceau
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  1. 1.Institut Carnot CIRIMAT, ENSIACETToulouse Cedex 4France
  2. 2.Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, IPREM, HélioparcPau Cedex 9France
  3. 3.TurbomecaBordes CedexFrance

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