Oxidation of Metals

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Effect of Zr Addition on the High-Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of Mo–Si–B Alloys

  • S. BurkEmail author
  • B. Gorr
  • V. B. Trindade
  • H.-J. Christ
Original Paper


Mo–Si–B alloys are promising candidates for structural high-temperature applications due to their excellent high-temperature mechanical properties along with high melting temperatures and oxidation resistance. After an initial period with high weight loss rates as a consequence of the volatilization of Mo-oxide, a protective borosilica (glass) layer develops on the alloy surface and steady-state oxidation is achieved. Aiming at improved mechanical properties of Mo–Si–B alloys which exhibit a continuous Mo solid solution matrix as a consequence of a powder metallurgical production route, small amounts of Zr were added. The presence of oxygen in the alloy leads to the formation of thermodynamically very stable Zr-oxide precipitates in the bulk alloy causing an enhancement of its mechanical properties. It was observed that the addition of Zr (distributed in the alloy matrix) also has significant influence on the oxidation behaviour of Mo–Si–B alloys by reducing the period for the formation of the protective and stable silica scale. Furthermore, the weight loss due to vaporization of Mo-oxides is consequently reduced. Besides this beneficial effect, Zr is harmful for the oxidation resistance at temperatures beyond 1,200 °C. This is mainly due to the increased oxygen transport through defects in the silica scale.


Mo–Si–B alloys High-temperature oxidation Borosilica Zr effect 



This study has been supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in the framework of the DFG research group “Beyond Ni-Base Superalloys”.


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