The Most Reliable and Precise Model to Determine Schottky Barrier Height and Photoelectron Yield Spectroscopy

  • Liu ChangshiEmail author


Schottky barrier height (SBH), \(\varphi\), plays a crucial role in the design of electronic and photo-electronic devices. In order to reckon SBH via internal photoemission (IPE), the technique is through extrapolating square root of IPE yield-and cube root of IPE yield-photon energy plots to zero before this work, this work was motivated by the most reliable and precise model to determine the SBH via IPE. A phenomenological model for connection IPE quantum yield and photon energy has been successfully established based on Fermi–Dirac distribution. The results of experimental observations fitted via the model indicate that the modeled quantum yield agrees well with experimental data. This model emphasizes the threshold of photon energy for calculating SBH, and the SBH of InN/GaN, p-type GaP/p-type Si, Pt/GaP, Au/GaAs, Si/SiO2 and Cu/SiO2 were obtained with high reliability after the method had been applied.


Determination Schottky barrier height Junction Internal photoemission yield Photon energy 



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