Microstructural, optical and electrical properties of CdS thin films grown by spray pyrolysis technique as a function of substrate temperature

  • F. Taghizadeh Chari
  • M. R. FadavieslamEmail author


In this research, nanocrystalline cadmium sulfide thin films were produced by the spray pyrolysis technique on glass substrates. The effects of substrate temperature in the range 400–550 °C on the structural, morphological, optical, and electrical properties of the thin films were investigated. The thin films have been characterized by investigating their X-ray diffraction, field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM), and optical absorption (UV–Vis) measurements. X-ray analysis revealed that thin films were a polycrystalline structure with the hexagonal phase in all cases and by increasing in substrate temperature, crystallite size decreases, and dislocation density increases. The FE-SEM images showed that the surface of the thin films is uniform, homogeneous and without cracks. The average sizes of the grains are at the range of 210–235 nm. The obtained values for optical band gap have been in the range of 2.18–2.41 eV, where the value of optical band gap for the thin films decreases by increasing substrate temperature. The Urbach energies of the thin films increase as the substrate temperature is increased. When substrate temperature increased from 400 to 550 °C, electrical resistivity increased from 531 to 2817 Ω cm, carrier concentration decreased from 15.96 × 1014 to 3.71 × 1014 cm−3, Hall mobility decreased from 7.37 to 5.98 cm2/V s. Hall effect analysis indicated that the thin films exhibited n-type conductivity.


Thin film Spray pyrolysis Cadmium sulfide Substrate temperature 



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