Highly sensitive SPR PCF biosensors based on Ag/TiN and Ag/ZrN configurations

  • Ahmed H. El-Saeed
  • Ahmed E. Khalil
  • Mohamed Farhat O. HameedEmail author
  • Mohammad Y. Azab
  • S. S. A. ObayyaEmail author
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We numerically present and analyze a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) bimetallic photonic crystal fiber (PCF) biosensor using full vectorial finite element method. The bimetallic configuration is based on Silver and (TiN or ZrN) as alternative plasmonic materials. The reported design relies on PCF with an external channel to house the analyte. The inner surface of the channel is coated by a silver layer followed by TiN or ZrN to protect the silver layer from oxidation. The proposed biosensor can be implemented to detect the unknown analytes, organic chemicals, biological analytes, and biomolecules via the sensitive resonant peaks to the analyte refractive index variations for both polarized modes with high linearity. In this study, a comparison is made between the Ag/TiN configuration and the Ag/ZrN counterpart in terms of sensitivity, losses, and linearity. The geometrical parameters are optimized to achieve high refractive index sensitivities of 7000 nm/RIU for quasi-transverse electric (TE) mode and 6900 nm/RIU for quasi-transverse magnetic (TM) mode, respectively for the Ag/TiN configuration. However, the quasi TE and quasi TM modes achieve high sensitivity of 5300 and 5400 nm/RIU, respectively using the Ag/ZrN configuration. The standard PCF fabrication technologies can be used to fabricate the proposed SPR PCF biosensors.


Photonic crystal fibers Optical sensing Alternative plasmonic material Titanium nitride Zirconium nitride Surface plasmon resonance 



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