Design and analysis of multi-hexagonal reversible encoder using photonic crystals

  • S. Monisha
  • D. Saranya
  • A. RajeshEmail author


In this paper, a 4 × 2 reversible encoder with hexagonal lattice has been designed using two-dimensional photonic crystals with non-linear refractive index. In order to demonstrate the working of the encoder, we have used the multi-hexagonal shaped structure arranged in parallel with appropriate inclination to get the desired output. During its functionality as an encoder, more than 98% of the power is coupled at the output port to obtain logic 1 and less than 17.2% of the power is coupled for obtaining logic 0. In addition, during its functionality as a reversible encoder, the logic 1 and logic 0 correspond to 97.5% and 15.1%, respectively. The proposed encoder provides an improved contrast ratio of 12.18 dB and 11.5 dB for logical states of 01 and 10, respectively.


Optical reversible encoder Photonic crystal Photonic band gap Photonic integrated circuits 


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  1. 1.School of Electronics EngineeringVIT UniversityVelloreIndia

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