Single photon two-level atom interactions in 1-D dielectric waveguide: quantum mechanical formalism and applications

  • Fatih DinçEmail author
  • İlke Ercan


In this paper, we propose an effective model to describe the interactions between a two-level atom and scattered light in a 1-D dielectric waveguide. The proposed formalism allows us to incorporate the effect of changing optical media inside the continuum while demonstrating a non-classical derivation of Fresnel Law. We obtain the transport characteristics of the two-level system, explore its high-Q bandreject filter property and discuss the implications of radiative and non-radiative dissipation. In addition, we apply our formalism to a modified Fabry–Pérot interferometer and show the variation in its spontaneous emission characteristics with changing interferometer length. Finally, we conclude with further remarks on the link between the waveguide and cavity quantum electrodynamics.


Single photon scattering 1D dielectric waveguide Fabry–Perot interferometer Atom–light interactions 



The authors would like thank Professor Ataç İmamoğlu for intellectually stimulating discussions, Professor Teoman Turgut for insightful comments on the manuscript and Professor Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş for inspiration and guidance on the modified Fabry–Pérot interferometer study.


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