Influence of the effect of two-photon interband absorption saturation on the photoexcitation of monocrystalline Si by intense femtosecond laser pulse

  • Dmitry S. Polyakov
  • Evgeny B. Yakovlev


Theoretical analysis of the influence of the effect of two-photon interband absorption saturation on space–time dynamics of the concentration of electron-hole plasma photoexcited under the action of a femtosecond laser pulse in monocrystalline silicon was carried out in this work. It was shown that the effects of the depletion of electrons in the valence band and the filling of conduction band may lead to a twofold decrease of the two-photon absorption coefficient and may also affect the concentration of photoexcited carriers achieved in the femtosecond laser treatment process.


Femtosecond laser pulse Monocrystalline silicon Two-photon interband absorption 



This work was supported by RFBR Grant #18-32-00839.


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